David G. Miller Jr.

David Miller Jr is a "grow-getter" who uses his life story of poverty, 

homelessness, tragedy and triumph to connect deeply with his 

audience.In 2016, David created The David Miller Group-a network

 of professionals with a mission to strengthen the communities of our 

country through education and action based leadership. David Miller Jr. 

is also the Founder and President of The One Step Center, a non-profit 

after-school recreation center targeting kids between the ages 12-17 in

 the Conneaut, Ohio area.

       David is a passionate leader, community activist, and entrepreneur 

who uses his positive energy to make lasting impacts in the communities

 he serves. David attended the University of Toledo and Walden University. 

 David has 14 years of experience in the field of social services and 8 years

 experience as a head coach at the high school level. David is happily 

married to Denise Miller his wife of 8 years. Together, they have three

 beautiful children Mireya (6), Greyson (3) and Dawson and an amazing 

support system of family and friends. The David Miller Group is proud to 

be contracted by the NEOFUND www.neofunds.org

To have David come and MOTIVATE your group please contact him at 

[email protected]