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The Advantage of Adversity

Posted on August 12, 2016 at 1:20 PM Comments comments ()

"My adversity has been my advantage."


                                     - D.G.Miller Jr.


     Many others look at the adversity they face in their lives as road blocks and barriers, (they HATE the fact that they are going through it). I myself take a different approach to adversity. I cannot say that I am to the point of welcoming adversity, but... I do handle it much different than many people that I know. The secret is to understand that your adversity (for whatever reason) is truly designed to set you up for success. It is honestly to your advantage! (if you LEVERAGE it properly). Some of the best and toughest life lessons I ever learned came through adverse situations. Through these times... I developed a greater sense of appreciation, gratitude, purpose and self-awareness. Remember... If it were easy everyone would be doing it. The fact that everyone is not doing what we are doing is proof enough (at least to me) that this road is not easily traveled.

     I expect setbacks, let downs, shortcomings, and failures. I expect them from myself and my staff, from myself as a husband and from my wife and children... this expectation (although not conscious) helps me deal with adversity when it rears its ugly head. Its not about having a plan B (because if that is the case, plan A is destined to fail) it's about making the adjustment, being adaptable, and most importantly.. its about being HUMAN.


Pray for wisdom an adaptability!